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AHS Collection

Explore one of the oldest and most distinguished collections in Western Australia.


About the collection

The Albany Historical Society (AHS) collection is one of the oldest and most distinguished collections in Western Australia and is rich, diverse and vital to the centre of research into the history of Albany and Western Australia. AHS are custodians of a large collection of historic artefacts, books, documents and works of art; all catalogued, restored and put on display by volunteers.

More than half of the five thousand objects and artefacts in the society’s care are exhibited at one of the historic buildings or outdoor sites managed by the AHS; everyday items from pioneering farms, maritime trading enterprises, early homes and work places.

The collection was established in 1962 with donations from early settlers descendants and the collection continues to expand with all aspects of the diverse and significant cultural heritage of Albany and Western Australia.

We currently have items of our collections on display at St John's Ambulance Sub Centre, Model Railway Association, the Brig Amity and in the Residency Building at the Museum of the Great Southern. 

What's in the collection

Albany Historical Society owns a collection of rare photographs dating back to the early introduction of heliography in Western Australia, prints, drawings, watercolours, cartoons, paintings, architectural plans and documents.

Our rich and varied photography collection focuses on  people, places and events from the early European and aboriginal settlement of Albany and the broader regions.


Should any organisation, society, company or government body wish to use the photographs, please email Mark Saxon, AHS Collections Manager -

Looking for something ?

AHS has amalgamated its document archives to be managed by the City of Albany.

​For all research requests, please contact the City of Albany by emailing: or call: (08) 6820 3626.

Traditional Library


Catalogue and Collections

AHS has one of the oldest and most distinguished collections in Western Australia.

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