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Whale Watching Tours

Experience these magnificent gentle giants and the oceans apex predators.

Western Australia has one of the longest whale watching seasons in the world. See the annual migration of these beautiful creatures.

Albany provides the ideal waters for nursing and migrating whales between late May and early October. Witness the migration of these gentle giants up close and personal and see the Humpback and Southern Right Whales.

Cruises depart 9.30am and 1.00pm daily during Whale Watching Season (June - October) and subject to numbers and weather. Departing from Albany's Marine off Princess Royal Drive.

Get up close and personal with these beautiful gentle giants of the sea and experience the sensation of being able to see these majestic creatures.  Hear about the fascinating history of the  King George Sound, Breaksea and Michaelmas Island, Bald Head, Gull Rock Beach, Nanarup Beach and Goode Beach as you cruise the coast.  Be prepared to see not only whales, but dolphins and seals too.


Cruise past the decommissioned whale chaser, Cheynes II, Camp Quaranup, Point King Lighthouse and the Whale Museum, while your skipper Gary, entertains you with fascinating highlights from Albany's maritime history.  The friendly and helpful crew, serve complimentary tea and coffee in comfort. Book your Albany Ocean Adventure today.

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A wonderful killer whale jumped out of the depths of the sea and slides on the surface of

If you want to tick your bucket list, this is the experience for you.  Naturaliste Charters brings you the world-renowned, full day Killer Whale (Orca) Expedition, departing from Bremer Bay approximately 2 hours drive from Albany. Tours run daily from December to April, as these are the best months to see Orcas in Bremer Bay from up close!


Experience the Ultimate Bremer Canyon Killer Whale/Orca Expedition and witness these Ocean Apex Predators in comfort when you board their new state of the art, 23 metre long vessel, the 'Alison Maree'. 

We have to say this Expedition is not for the faint hearted, but hold us to our word, this is one experience that not only - ticked our bucket list but was an experience of a lifetime. The crew went above and beyond any expectation, as did the marine biologist and photographer onboard.  Not only did we see Orca's, but Sperm Whales, Sharks, Octopus's, Dolphins, Seals and Albatrosses. 

Watching Whales

Whales - humpback, southern right and blue whales - make their annual migration between May to December travelling from the south-west to the Kimberley. Depending on where you are in WA, you can sometimes see them from the shore but the best way to see them is to book a tour. 


Find out more about watching whales, the best times to see them, their behaviour and whale watching tips. 

To help protect yourself and the whales follow the Whale Watching Guidelines.

Humpback Whale up close in French Polynesia.jpg
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