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Humpback Whale up close in French Polynesia.jpg

Whale Tours

Western Australia has one of the longest whale watching seasons in the world. Experience these magnificent gentle giants and the oceans apex predators.

Albany provides the ideal waters for nursing and migrating whales between late May and early October. Witness the migration of these gentle giants up close and personal and see the Humpback and Southern Right Whales.

Watching Whales

Whales - humpback, southern right and blue whales - make their annual migration between May to December travelling from the south-west to the Kimberley. Depending on where you are in WA, you can sometimes see them from the shore but the best way to see them is to book a tour. 


Find out more about watching whales, the best times to see them, their behaviour and whale watching tips. 

To help protect yourself and the whales follow the Whale Watching Guidelines.

Humpback Whale up close in French Polynesia.jpg
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