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Celebrate 2026 Albany | Albany Pictorial Collection

Albany Pictorial Collection

Capturing and preserving 200 years of Albany 'Kinjarling' history.

The Albany Historical Society (AHS) aims to expand the Albany Pictorial Collection and make this accessible to our community, ensuring that our history is shared and preserved for future generations.  AHS owns a collection of rare photographs dating back to the nineteenth century and has a rich and varied collection that focuses on people, portraits, landscapes, colonial life, cultural aspects, places, industry, social services and events of Albany and the broader regions.

By building a digital database and incorporating our existing collection, we can build a rich and diverse resource for our community and celebrate the profound culture, diverse heritage and rich history as part of Celebrate 2026 Albany.

The Pictorial Collection will catalogue photographs of people, places, culture, events, pioneering, pastoralism, shipping, maritime, early homes and buildings, our community and the landscapes of the region. The collection is not limited to photographs and can incorporate illustrations, prints, drawings, watercolours, cartoons and paintings.

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Growing our digital library

We are proud of our heritage and we are on a mission to expand and build a digital database that captures all aspects of the rich and unique history of Albany 'Kinjarling' and the region.

To achieve our goal, we need your help to expand the collection that will tell the stories of all West Australians. 

By connecting and sharing history, it forms a sense of belonging, it connects us to our past, present, community, society and to our own stories. 

Have a photo that you wish to add to our collection?

Email us by clicking on 'Contact Us' below.

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AHS collects unique and rare photographs including prints, glass plates, drawings, watercolours, cartoons, paintings, architectural plans, journals and documents.

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Electronic deposit

Where a electronic copy is available, we prefer that the deposit is made by email. The quality of the scan will be determined by dpi (“dots per inch”) you have scanned the item at, which will effect the file size. If images are of excessive size, please contact AHS to arrange a share file. 

Bakery, Albany original P08.438.tif

We are focused on all aspects of the diverse and significant heritage of Albany 'Kinjarling', and the region.  This includes people, landscapes, industry, pastoral, coastal shipping, travel, development and culture.

Freezing Works staff. 1939.JPG

In person deposit

We understand that it may be easier to pop in to the AHS Office with your deposits.  We can scan your items on the spot or if you have a number of items, we can discuss timing and when you can collect the originals. 

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How to donate

Contact AHS by either emailing; or pop in to our office at 37 Duke Street, Albany. Please advise what you would like to donate, a brief description and the current condition the item is in.

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Deposit information

Any details or useful information that you can provide with your deposit items will assist the AHS collections team. The level of indexing will vary depending on how much is known about each item and what can immediately be attributed to the deposit, prior to review.

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