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The History Hub enables connection to our history and cultural heritage through AHS catalogues and collections of features, stories, articles and so much more. 

We're passionate about preserving and sharing history and making it available, online for everyone who loves history. The History Hub is a online portal to our local and state history, providing access to historical figures, photographs, videos, oral histories and more.

We're proud to play a part in preserving history for Albany and we will regularly publish insight on social and local history, cultural heritage, first and early settlers and so much more. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the content and our resources and how we deliver it to our community. 



Norman House: Belle-Vue, a beautiful view

Read the fascinating history of the first and early settlers and the foundation that shaped and contributed to not only Albany but the history of the State of Western Australia.

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Mr. Dunn was better known as a wheelwright, pastoralist and builder.  He was contracted with John McKail to build the first Albany Jetty and was also appointed Gaoler and Police Constable in 1841-1849 and a Member of the Albany Town Trust in 1860.

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On the 5 December 1931, Norman House (then named Edwards House) became the first Toc H Mark I for Australia. In 1931, there were 28 Marks in the world, the first in the Commonwealth by way of gift from Miss Dymes. 



It has often been referred to as one of the most infamous killing fields on the Western Front during WWI. There was however, one place in which those return soldiers, could find some relief from their traumas - Talbot House.


Lady Ann Spencer

How the wife of the one time Government Resident of Albany, became the Lady of the townspeople.

Sir Richard, his wife Lady Ann Spencer and their nine children and eleven servants arrived at King George Sound on 13 September 1833.  Sir Richard was newly appointed as Government Resident at Albany. Coming on board HMS Buffalo, with most of their goods and chattels, including agricultural implements, building materials, and all the necessary paraphernalia to establish a landed gentry in the new colony, carried by another vessel, Brilliant. 

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The Archive Collections

Brenda Holland

Miss Holland's work comprised of  oils and watercolours, portraits, landscape and stills. Miss Holland recalled some of the most interesting personalities of Albany in the early decades of the century, with particular mention of aboriginal men and women who sat for her. We celebrate Miss Holland and her work that earned warm commendation in metropolitan art circles. 


Batelier Brothers

Claude James and Victor George Batelier arrived in Albany onboard the Steamship Kalgoorlie in 1902. In February 1904, a sketch of the British cruiser HMS Diadem appeared in the Western Mail. The Batelier Collection is maritime art of national significance and it is with great pleasure that AHS is offering the public the ability to purchase prints. 

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Traditional Library


Stories from the Stacks

Explore the fascinating stories, articles and collections of Trove, an Australian online database by the National Library of Australia.


On The Summit of Mt. Clarence

A poem by Henry Lawson, 1890.

On the top of Mount Clarence, Albany, W.A., stands a tall flagstaff, which was erected for signalling purposes before the telephone was laid from the town to Breaksea Island. Wherefore the Muse:

On the summit of Mount Clarence rotting slowly in the air
Stands a tall and naked flagstaff, relic of the Russian scare,
Russian scare that scares no longer, for the cry is "All is well",
Yet the flagstaff still is standing like a lonely sentinel.
And it watches through the seasons, winter's cold and summer's heat,
Watches seaward, watches ever for the phantom Russian fleet.

In a cave among the ridges, where the scrub is tall and thick
With no human being near him dwells a wretched lunatic:
On Mount Clarence in the morning he will fix his burning eyes,
And he scans the sea and watches for the signal flag to rise;
In his ears the roar of cannon and the sound of battle drums
While he cleans his gun and watches for the foe that never comes.

And they say, at dreary nightfall, when the storms are howling round
Comes a phantom ship to anchor in the waters of the "Sound",
And the lunatic who sees it wakes the landscape with his whoops,
Loads his gun and marches seaward at the head of airy troops,
To the summit of Mount Clarence leads them on with martial tread,
Fires his gun and sends the Russians to the mustering of the dead.

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Arrival of the brig Amity

The arrival of the brig Amity in King George Sound under the command of Major Edmund Lockyer, had 23 convicts and ship officers onboard to establish a British settlement. 

What date did the brig Amity arrive at King George Sound?

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