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Albany Convict
Gaol & Museum

Explore the fascinating convict past as you look back to the era of the mid 1800's.


Albany Convict Gaol & Museum

The gaol was originally established with rehabilitation as a key principle, and convicts sentenced to transportation from England between 1850-1868 often served time in the gaol. Convicts who had obtained their ticket to leave, were hired by free settlers for labour, and work conducted by the convicts included the Albany Town Jetty, manning the pilot boat and building the road to Perth. Wander through the cell blocks reading the plaques about the colourful history and gain an understanding of the difficulties experienced by the early settlers.

The timber-lined cells, housed Aboriginal prisoners in the 1870s and contain various carvings which are said to be Australia's oldest Aboriginal cell art.

The gaol was extended in 1873 to become a public prison, with women's cells, the great hall and more warden's quarters were constructed. At this time, the complex was also used as a colonial prison. It was last used as a police lockup in the Great Depression of the 1930s.

It wasn’t until 1989 when work began to restore the gaol and was finalised in 1996 at which point, it became a museum. The gaol museum reveals stories about the early days of town settlement, the inmates who were kept there and the gaol facilities, as well as an exhibition on one of Albany’s most decorated soldiers.

The Most Haunted Places in Western Australia

While there are many haunted places and folktales around Western Australia, look no further than that of the Albany Convict Gaol and Museum, from the paranormal activity, to the Black Hole – an eight by four foot punishment cell with stone walls and no windows. The gaol’s most notorious ghost story  is over 20 drunken soldiers which were kept in the ‘hole’ for 24 hours and three of them died. Staff say they often hear wailing noises coming from the rooms when nobody is around.


Gaol Night Tours

Explore the darker side of Albany Convict Gaol. Join our Tour Guide, Joy Bradley in the dark as she engages you  as you walk the cell blocks with stories of loneliness, pain and suffering and a mother calling for her child. Be warned - these tours are not for the faint hearted and remember to take a camera with a flash on the tour!

Night Tours are run by a private contractor on behalf of the Albany Historical Society (Inc). Please contact Joy Bradley direct on 0448 187 835.


Monday - Friday   10am to 4pm
Saturday               10am to 4pm
Sunday                 10am to 4pm
Public Holidays     Subject to change




Child (5 to 16)



$  6.00

$  5.00



267 Stirling Terrace, 

Albany, Western Australia 6330

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