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Take a walk through time with the first pioneers of Western Australia and the people who shaped who we have become.

Celebrate 2026 Albany | Pioneer Pathways

Honouring the people who contributed to the first settlement of Western Australia and the place it is today

Honouring our founders and pioneers of Albany (Kinjarling) and their incredible contributions to the region and state of Western Australia. This informative walk through history will educate visitors, local community and the many school and youth groups that we welcome each year and by their incredible contributions, have created the community we have today. 

Take a step through time and follow the journey of the founders and pioneers of Albany (Kinjarling)

For many years the Albany Historical Society have sought to see the founders and pioneers of Albany (Kinjarling) and the region be celebrated and recognised and will bring a greater public awareness and interest to these long forgotten individuals, who by their incredible contributions created the community we have today.

Duke Street Park was created in 2006 to help enhance Patrick Taylor Cottage, (The oldest dwelling in Western Australia). One of the parks features was the creation of a custom-made meandering rammed earth pathway flanked on either side by brick edging and garden beds. The site is perfect as it also affords us no need to gain individual approvals for each location that we may have wished to place a commemorative plaque or stone. Two of the primary advantages is that it is only metres, from the original location of Major Edmond Lockyer’s settlement of 1826 and also in a location that is very important to the Menang Noognar people of Kinjarling. 

The number of plaques will be determined by the support the project receives. The first plaque on the pathway will be donated and funded by the Albany Historical Society. It will honour the Menang Noognar people of Kinjarling and the enormous contribution their ancestors provided to the British colonial settlers, we respect and recognise the connection to country and the importance Kinjarling holds in their day to day lives.

Once completed the community will have an informative walk back through history that will educate our visitors, local community and the many school and youth groups that we welcome each year. The project will introduce several brass plaques that will be installed on angled stands, lit up at night on the edge of the rammed earth path, leading down to Patrick Taylor Cottage. Each of the plaques commemorating a notable person or family, will list their contribution towards the development of the city and region of today. 

We are inviting members of the public, alongside the business community, to help make this project a reality. The opportunity for either individuals, or business, to pay outright for a plaque is available. The estimated cost for each plaque is $350-$400.00. Your name, or that of a company can be included as the dedicator of a specific plaque and the details be included on the plaque itself and your support will also be included on our website page honouring the project.


People who wish to donate towards this enduring project can donate by clicking the link below or in person at our Museums or AHS office. A special commemorative coin celebrating the project will be gifted to anyone donating $50.00 or over. 

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Be a part of history
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All donations to the Albany Historical Society are fully tax deductible.
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