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Explore the coast and the exquisite beaches, taking in the sights above and under the waterline.

Come and enjoy the unmatched beauty and limitless wonders of the Great Southern region with direct admission to some of the best beaches and secluded wonders like no other.

The Great Southern Region is considered a mecca for its beaches and if you’re looking for dazzling white sand, majestic waters with a backdrop of nature, then Albany provides a smorgasbord. ​With plenty of great spots, perfect for snorkelling, diving, stand up paddle boarding, surfing and fishing. Whether you want to relax, take in the view or just a quick visit, it will be hard, not fall in love.

Gull Rock Beach.jpg

Gull Rock Beach

Gull Rock Beach is known for its calm waters even on a strong easterly, with its pristine beach and a open invitation to pop in for a dip. The beach is accessible from the first car park via stairs and over some rocks and if you are up for it, you can walk all the way to Ledge Beach.

The beach is extremely popular and provides ample room to set up and enjoy the day, within the Gull Rock National Park and with a walk through the shallows and a quick swim, you will access the Awhina shipwreck, which is great for snorkeling. The second car park provides access down a track and over rocks and directly in front is a great fishing spot, for salmon, skippy's, herring and on occasions a few whiting and tailor.


Visit like a local​

  • Bring supplies, the closet store is approximately 12.7km at Lower King General Store.

  • Entry to Gull Rock National Park is free.

  • No toilets at this location.

  • Dogs must be kept on a leash on beach only.

Misery Beach

It's no wonder why Misery Beach was recognised as Australia's best beach according to Tourism Australia's Beach Ambassador 2022.   Located in the Torndirrup National Park, this small and secluded beach with its' crystal clear water and pristine white sand, together with a granite background, is the reason it took out the crowned position.   If you are looking for a slice of paradise and love to swim, snorkel or relax, then this beach is for you.

Visit like a local

  • Come armed with Aerogard or Bushman's repellent spray as the March flies on occasions are a nuisance.

  • Bring supplies, the closet store is approximately 13km at Little Grove General Store.

  • Standard park entry fees apply for Torndirrup National Park.

  • No toilets at this location.

  • Dogs are prohibited within Torndirrup National Park.

Drone shot from above Middleton Beach Jetty Albany Western Australia.jpg

Middleton Beach 

From sunrise to sunset, the iconic Middleton Beach provides the picture-perfect postcard with its Norfolk Pines, stunning coastal surrounds with the Ellen Cove Jetty and Boardwalk, a stone throw away. Roll out your beach towel and soak up the relaxed beach lifestyle, then enjoy a dip between the red and yellow flags. The traditional owners, the Noongar people, know the place as Binalup meaning the place of first light.  If you’re an early riser, treat yourself to a sunrise with a kaleidoscope of pastels and you will see Binalup in its full glory.  It’s also all about the location, being a short drive from Albany town centre and with a choice of eateries and bars, that are sure to satisfy the whole family.


Visit like a local​​

  • Entry to Middleton Beach is free.

  • There are toilets and shower facilities at this location.

  • Being the beach area between Ellen Cove Jetty and the southern walk track access from Surfers Beach car park to the beach, dogs are not permitted. (Dogs are permitted on paths and grassed areas but must be on a leash at all times).

Mistaken Island

Known by fishermen as Rabbit Island, Mistaken Island is accessed by the Goode Beach north entry and offers brilliant turquoise water and a long stretch of dazzling white sand and if you're feeling up to it, you can walk all the way to the other end of Goode Beach.  The beach is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, exploring and relaxing.  There is two accesses, one to the rocks and the other takes you down wooden stairs directly to the beach.  Utilising the rock access, directly in front offers a great fishing spot if the wind is right and you will often catch skippy's, herring, King George whiting, flathead, garfish and on occasions a few leather jackets if there is plenty of weed around.  


Visit like a local

  • Bring supplies, the closet store is approximately 10.5km at Little Grove General Store.

  • Please be mindful that the water current can be strong through the channel of Mistaken Island.​​ 

  • Entry to Mistaken Island is free.

  • There are no toilets at this location.

  • Dogs are allowed.

Mistaken Island.jpg
Muttonbird Beach.jpg

Muttonbird Beach

Muttonbird Beach is located approximately 20km west of Albany via the Lower Denmark Road.  Shelter Island known to be home of little penguins and flesh-footed shearwaters is a 130 metre swim from the east end of Muttonbird Beach and with granite formations, pristine sand and vivid turquoise waters, its no wonder it's a favourite amongst the locals. At the end of Muttonbird Road you will come to a T junction, to the left is a small car park that will lead you to the Shelter Island end and the right takes you to beach access or car park area. 


This beach access offers a uninterrupted stretch for 4WD's but also known as a surfing and paragliding hotspot.  Originally a commercial fishing location for salmon, the fishing is also good for skippy's, herring, King George whiting and queenies at different times throughout the year.  This is a perfect spot to park up for the day, explore, fish, snorkel and relax.


Visit like a local​​

  • Entry to Muttonbird Beach is free.

  • There are toilets at this location.

  • Dogs are allowed.

Two Peoples Bay 

If you are looking for the trifecta, then Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve plays host to Little Beach, Waterfall Beach (also  known as Tiny Beach) and the Lagoon. The iconic Little Beach, is probably the most famous for being picture perfect with many awarding winning photographs.  Walking to the east end of Little Beach, you will discover a track that goes up the hill, (trust me - take the track) and you will be greeted with the most divine tiny beach, with its own fresh water spring, excellent snorkelling and swimming and on many occasions you will have dolphins playing just off shore.   Going back to the entry path walking down towards Little Beach you will notice a slatted wooden path on your left, this will take you along the rocks and to the Lagoon, offering an underwater world of miracles and ideal for snorkelling, a paddle or a swim.  

Visit like a local

  • Bring supplies, the closet store is approximately 22.9km at Lower King General Store.

  • If you are feeling peckish the Little Beach Store is on your right on your drive in.

  • Standard park entry fees apply for Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve.

  • There are toilet facilities at this location.

  • Dogs are prohibited within Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve.

Waterfall Beach .jpeg
Whaling Cove.jpg

Whaling Cove Beach

One of our favourite beaches is Whaling Cove Beach on Vancouver Peninsula and how this beach hasn't won, best beach in Australia, we are still trying to figure that out.  From its crystal clear water, within a well protected cove and granite boulders offering the perfect snorkelling with a marine underworld waiting to be discovered, it will be hard to find a day where you will have this beach to yourself, but offers plenty of room for you and the family to pull up a piece of sand and rest, swim, take in the views or go fishing off the rocks.  Come 4pm the locals will start to appear, looking to throw a line in for squid, skippy and herring. If you are all about being natural  - then get ready to strip off, with a nudist area to the far left.

Visit like a local​

  • Bring supplies, the closet store is approximately 11.7km at Little Grove General Store.

  • Entry to Whaling Cove Beach is free.

  • There is toilets at this location, in the car park.

  • Dogs are allowed.

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