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Get Involved

By supporting history, you contribute to the preservation and  celebration of our diverse culture and rich history.

Our members, partnerships and volunteers are essential for AHS to be able to raise awareness, understanding and commitment to Albany's significant cultural heritage, history and carry out advocacy work.

Over the years, AHS have been privileged to worked alongside some incredible individuals. Our staff is entirely supported by volunteers and AHS harness the skills and energy of our supporters who contribute thousands of hours of work, annually with our museums open 363 days a year.


This not only makes our community, more vibrant and and interesting place to live but also enriches visitors’ experiences, especially where cultural tourism is a major contributor of Albany, Western Australia.



Our members are the beating heart of our society and the connection to our future.

Members Benefits;​

  • Free admission to Albany Convict Gaol and Patrick Taylor Cottage (all year)

  • Exclusive members access to AHS catalogue collection

  • Receive a copy of the quarterly magazine 

  • A limited edition collective 200 years bicentenary coin 

  • Members discount on merchandise, books etc.

Membership period commences from 1 July to 30 June. Application for membership is subject to the approval of the Albany Historical Society Inc. Committee. 

Why become a volunteer

Our volunteers are everyday people, who make extraordinary contributions to our community.

Volunteering offers many incredible benefits and opportunities. You can act on your values and interests while helping strengthen your community. It can bring meaning and purpose to your life, while increasing your self-esteem and wellbeing, you can meet new people and learn and share new skills.

In recognising the diverse passions and skills everyone brings to the act of volunteering, the possibilities are endless. Our volunteers range from 16 to 75 year olds and share a variety of talents and skills. 


Donate Today

Make a difference - support history.

Your support matters more than ever and your contribution helps preserve, promote and protect our rich and unique history of Albany/Kinjarling and enables us to continue serving our community.

All donations to the Albany Historical Society are fully tax deductible.

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