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Whether you believe or not, we've got some real ghost stories that are sure to give you a fright.


The Albany Convict Gaol is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Western Australia and for many who have been brave enough to visit - have reported having experiences that they...  could not quite explain.


Could it be the inmates, who once wandered the cellblocks or the most notorious murderer - Frederick Bailey Deeming, who was suspected by some to be ‘Jack the Ripper’. Deeming murdered his first wife and four children in England and his second wife in Melbourne, Australia.  He was captured in Southern Cross, Western Australia and whilst being transferred back to Melbourne, he spent a night at Albany Gaol. Is he returning with a message, for a chosen few?

At the Patrick Taylor Cottage, we can say for certain that there is at least one ghostly resident that seems to visit.  Believed to be the spirit of Major Frederick Ingoldby, who was a former tenant of the Cottage and passed away at the cottage in Septmber,1942.  He returns each year around the anniversary of his death.




You never know what ghostly things, you may encounter at the Albany Convict Gaol, but it has been reported that unexplainable sounds both from visitors and the museum staff include, wailing to taps and knocks echoing, doors shutting with no draft, to tiny whispers and the sound of footsteps on the old wood floorboards.


From the paranormal activity in the Gaol's Black Hole – a name given to the cell used for solitary confinement with no windows or light and once held up to 20 drunken soldiers at one time and they were kept in the ‘hole’ for 24 hours in which it is reported that up to three died.


A truly tragic story is of an Aboriginal woman in Cell #25 and lost her baby during childbirth, only to pass away herself.  Many have claimed to hear a baby crying in the area and others have said to have heard her sad sobs and that she is distraught. When entering the Gaol Museum, you may have an encounter with a black cat, walking by Room 5 and hear the faint sound of a purr or a slight rub against your leg.

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Watch Amy as she searches for all things creepy and haunted, as you learn about the dark history and/or the paranormal activity at the Albany Convict Gaol and Patrick Taylor's Cottage.

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Every September, Major Frederick Ingoldby, former tenant of Patrick Taylor Cottage and who passed away at the cottage in September, 1942 - returns dressed in his full military uniform with his arm in a sling. Major Ingoldby was a Boer War veteran and was injured in combat.

According to workers, the feeling of a continued presence and being watched is reported often.  Staff have also found items that have been moved or knocked over and voices from other rooms, but only to find, no one is there.


Could it be the Taylor family checking in on their much loved Cottage?



The Haunted & Mysterious Albany

Ghosts... and things that go bump in the night!. Footsteps that are heard when no one is there. Taps on the shoulder or a push in the back by an invisible hand. Eerie black shadows, cold chills, unseen voices, objects that move around and disappear. Weird lights and strange aerial phenomena. 

These are all true local accounts and personal encounters with the paranormal, the uncanny, the unknown and the unexplained. From haunted houses, hotels and museums and other unsolved mysteries from Albany, Western Australia. 

Get your copy - before they disappear!

Kevin Gomm’s new book, Haunted and Mysterious Albany, details the spooky and ghostly side to Albany, and includes information about Albany Convict Gaol and Patrick Taylor Cottage.

The book is available to buy at the Convict Gaol  and Patrick Taylor Cottage Museum for $20.00.

Published by Digger Press.

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