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Bald Head walking trail. Taken on a summers day with strong blues and greens.  A mountaino

Plan your day and enjoy the limitless wonders of beautiful Albany.

Explore the limitless wonders and rich history of this beautiful coastal region with direct admission to some of the most iconic beaches and natural delights in the world.

The Great Southern Region encompasses the ancestral lands of the Menang Noongar people who have lived in the Region for tens of thousands of years. We pay respect to their ancestors, elders and people.

The region covers 39,007 square kilometres on the south coast of Western Australia, bordering 250km of the Southern Ocean and extending 200km inland.


Albany is the first European and Aboriginal settlement in Western Australia and its not hard to tell, with its rich cultural heritage and unique history. Visit the Albany Convict Gaol, Patrick Taylor's Cottage, The Gap, the Brig Amity at the Museum of the Great Southern and the National Anzac Centre, that offers a heartfelt connection to our Anzac's. 

If you are the adventurous type - pick from one of many coastal hiking trails and see the abundance of wildlife to wildflowers, it’s heaven on earth and is waiting to be explored.

Picture a place of turquoise waters and pure white sandy beaches, where granite formations tumble to the sea, green landscapes, litter your vision and where every turn provides a stunning vista with mother nature on display. 


Albany provides serene and beautiful swimming holes and is a marine playground offering fishing, sailing, snorkeling, diving and surfing. 

Come every May to October, Albany is the chosen safe haven for nursing Humpback and Southern Right whales. Go whale watching in the Sound or if you don't have your sea legs, you can spot one from the shores off Marine Drive.

​With the regions vast offerings, it's no wonder the food producers, farmers’ markets and dining outlets are stacking up all the awards. Discover the authentic taste of the Great Southern with an abundance of the freshest of farm produce to the daily catch of succulent seafood.

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